Fourteen Years
Ricardo Quinn
Carlos Lillo
Keith Fairben
NY Presbyterian Hospital
Mario Santoro
NY Presbyterian Hospital
Mark Schwartz
Hunter Ambulance
David Marc Sullins
Cabrini Hospital
Richard Allen Pearlman
Forest Hills Volunteer
Ambulance Corps
Yamel Merino
MetroCare Ambulance
Fourteen years ago on September 11th, 2001 EMT's and Paramedics Ricardo Quinn, Carlos Lillo, Keith Fairben, Yamel Merino, Richard Pearlman, Mairo
Santoro, Mark Schwartz, and David Marc Sullins responded to the attack at the World Trade Center and died in the line of duty. As I have done every year since
9/11 I pay tribute to them here so their bravery and sacrifice is never forgotten. As members of EMS they did what all of us in EMS strive to do...when people need
help...we respond.

As for the feeling of never goes away.  I
t is unending.  The wounds never truly heal.
Speaking of wounds that will never heal hundreds of first responders from FDNY and the NYPD are lobbying Congress right now to extend an expiring law giving
health benefits to people sickened in the wake of the 9/11 attack.  The James Zadroga 9/11 Health and Compensation Act provides health care to the many
thousand of sick and dying first responders, ground zero workers and others who are ill from the effects of the dust. It should make everyone angry that after
responding to 9/11, an attack on our nation, that we need to walk the halls of congress and beg for them to help us because we are sick. The biggest road block
has been Speaker John Boehner. He would just rather we die.
I think it is astounding that he is able to remain in political office. You wonder who would elect someone who would hand first responders a death sentence if the
9/11 bill was not renewed.
Speaking of assholes lets talk about FDNY Commissioner Nigro.
FDNY Commissioner Nigro feels that the word "Never" in the phrase "Never Forget" expires after 13 years. Why? Because several weeks ago FDNY removed
their 9/11 Memorial Page from their website. It listed every member of the department by name and had a photo page with the members photo. Here are a few