So Long Commissioner Cassano. Don't Let The Door Hit Ya Where The Lord
Split Ya.
There Is New Sheriff In Town.
On June 7th Dan Nigro will be the New FDNY Commissioner. He replaces Salvatore Cassano as the head of FDNY.  Nigro was appointed during a ceremony at
the FDNY Fire Academy. Bill de Blasio stated “Our administration is committed to building on this department’s impressive record, increasing diversity in the ranks,
and improving response time and I know Daniel has what it takes to lead the FDNY forward.” At the ceremony Nigro stated “For more than 30 years, I’ve watched
the men and women of the FDNY perform fearlessly in the face of tremendous hardship and I couldn't’ be prouder to lead this team of heroic New Yorkers.”

Nigro was named chief of department after the 9/11 attacks. The previous chief of department, Peter Ganci, died in the World Trade Center collapse. Nigro,
retired in 2002 after suffering from respiratory illness from working at ground zero, was awarded a FDNY disability pension. He said he will be giving up that
pension to become commissioner,

I am not sure how you can go from being disabled from 9/11 to being well enough to become FDNY's Fire Commissioner.....but doesn't matter.

One of the problems I have is that he is being touted for his work on the EMS takeover....ahem...I mean merger. Well I can tell you that everyone who was merged
into FDNY including myself....wasn't overly thrilled with the treatment by then Commissioner Howard Safer or Nigro. We were given our prisoner of war uniforms
and told we are now "members" of FDNY...wait...did I say members? Sorry I meant that red headed bastard stepchild of FDNY. So as you can imagine I was more
than a little surprised at how the unions lauded him in the press.

“He retired young, he’s still a young man. I think he’s the right person at the right time. Public safety remains a critical concern for the citizens of New York and
Danny’s a demonstrated leader.” - Steve Cassidy Uniformed Fire Association

“Having worked with him for almost 40 years, I can truly say that the FDNY will have a person with the knowledge and  respect of the thousands of firefighters and
officers that he represents. When you have a handshake agreement with Dan Nigro, you don’t even need a signature. He is truly a man of his word.” - Al Hagen,
president of the FDNY Uniformed Fire Officers Association

So let's take a look at what he has accomplished while he was at FDNY. On diversity...nothing. FDNY had to be taken to court in order to get diversity. Nigro was
long gone by that point. As for the EMS merger he did nothing other than ensure we were run by FDNY and not HHC. When Nigro dragged EMS into FDNY the
Fire Department was a technological backwater. EMS was light years ahead of FDNY in that area.

The truth is FDNY had no idea about what to do with EMS. It was a mess and Nigro and FDNY would try one flawed operational model after another over the years
with little success. What Safer, Nigro and then Von Essen were able to do is crush the morale at EMS and cause a mass exodus of personal, The dismantled our
Emergency Response Squad and got rid of our Mobile Emergency Response Vehicles. It wasn't until after 9/11 that the Fire Department realised they could have
used all of those recourses. Only after 9/11 did FDNY undertake a massive technological upgrade.

Nigro has done nothing for EMS.

Nigro will do nothing for EMS.

Nigro will lead a "Fire" Department that responds to far more EMS calls than fire calls and he is not an EMT or a Paramedic.

Nigro will do nothing for EMS
now because while he was at FDNY he did nothing for EMS.
I am still waiting for our 60 community based EMS stations and the significant improvement of working conditions. They were promised but never came. Instead
after 18 years we still have "Stations" that are decrepit Hell-holes or they are made of trailers dumped in lots around the city. Here are a few just for laughs.
Some people may think that Nigro is a white knight on a horse. Remember death also rode a horse.

On a final note...just to show you how important EMS is to a Fire Department that handles mostly EMS calls, at Nigro's appointment there is a Fire Truck,
Firefighters, Fire Chiefs and not one person from EMS.