A New Mayor, A New Year, The Same Fire Commissioner, The Same
The evil rein of Mayor Michael Bloomberg aka Dick Dastardly, has come to an end. Bill de Blasio is now the 109th Mayor of New York City. Things went off to a
fairly good start with the New Mayor. He jumped in to defend Long Island College Hospital and keep SUNY from closing it. He also jumped to the defence of
Interfaith Hospital and is trying to keep it open as well.

This is a first and quite a change from how former Mayor Mike Bloomberg and City Council Speaker Christine Quinn. They magically turned at least a dozen NYC
Hospitals into abandoned buildings or condos. They were not friends of the NYC hospital system. As a mat
ter of fact, they supported NYC hospitals like Dr. Jack
Kevorkian supported putting people on life support.

He also proposed to start a plan called "
Vision Zero" which is a set of comprehensive policies developed in Sweden and aimed at a future in which no one is
killed or seriously injured by traffic in NYC. Very progressive indeed.

To show how much of a shocking change it is to have Mayor de Blasio in office over former Mayor Mike Bloomberg or Giuliani, Dinkins and Koch is that during the
NYC snowstorms he actually thanked the EMT's and Paramedics of FDNY EMS. It was shocking as for years we were either called Firefighters, other members of
the department, not thanked at all or lumped in as "First Responders" with everyone else.
...sadly however not all is well with Mayor de Blasio. He has left Sal Cassano in charge of FDNY...for now at least. Cassano is simply unfit to be Fire Commissioner.
...and right after de Blasio talked about Vision Zero and ending traffic fatalities in NYC his two-car caravan was seen speeding, blowing through stop signs, and
violating other traffic laws in NYC by
Channel 2 News.  
...and then he was caught Jaywalking by the New York Post.
...which was handled much differently than the last person who was seen Jaywalking by the NYPD.
As for de Blasio's actions...there will be no review as it is all in the name of Mayoral Security as per the NYPD.
Here's A Look At The FDNY Stats For 2013
Looking at the stats for 2013 one thing is very clear...EMS has become the primary job of the New York City Fire Department. While fires get all the attention EMS
runs are the vast majority of the work. Let
's have a look at Fire and EMS statistics in 2013.

Looking at the
FDNY Citywide Performance Indicators for 2013 there were 25,097 Structural Fires, 14,568 Non-Structural fires, 2,252 all hands fires, 155 2nd
alarm fires, 23 3rd alarm fires, 11 4th alarm fires and 6 5th alarm or greater fires. All total there were 42,112 fires of some type in NYC that FDNY firefighters
responded to.

Not bad. So what about Firefighters responding to medical emergencies? Well FDNY Firefighters responded to 222,879 medical emergencies. That is over 5
times the amount of fire calls that FDNY responds to. Fires are fading fast in NYC and yet in 2013 FDNY took on average 12 seconds longer to respond to a
cardiac arrest than a trash fire.

Now let
's look at FDNY EMS. In 2013 there were a total of 1,469,964 ambulance runs. That is 3 times of the total workload of FDNY Firefighters. Keep in mind
FDNY has almost 11,000 firefighters while EMS has less than 3000 EMT's and Paramedics.

On a final sad note, due to constant mismanagement by FDNY, segment 1-8 response times for EMS have risen from 8 minutes and 27 seconds in
2012 to 9
minutes and 24 seconds in